A New Era for Individual Freedom and Opportunity

Truth in Taxation

Taxpayers have a right to know how much they are paying. To achieve this, and to reduce the cost of administration, each taxpayer will receive a single monthly bill which includes all of their provincial, municipal and federal taxes, aside from sales taxes.

  • Personal income tax: Raise the basic exemption to $20,000 and remove all other exemptions and credits

  • Carbon tax: Repeal it. Fuel prices are already too high, and there is no conclusive evidence the tax has provided environmental benefits

Allow the Market to Provide Affordable Housing

Housing prices reached new highs during the past year, making the dream of ownership more difficult. The BC Liberals want to spend billions on social housing and interest-free loans, which place a heavy burden on taxpayers and put our economy at risk of a 2008 style sub-prime mortgage crisis. A safer and less costly way to keep home prices reasonable is to increase supply. Bringing new housing stock to market is restrained in numerous ways. For example, 85% of the land in Vancouver is zoned for single-family residential only. By relaxing or removing these restrictions, we can free up the market to provide more housing at lower cost.

  • Work with municipalities to reduce development costs, streamline building permit processes, and accelerate rezoning

  • Free up nearly 5 million hectares of land for development (and save taxpayers $3 billion per year) by abolishing the Agricultural Land Reserve

Promote Consumer Choice in All Sectors

In an age when the sharing economy is making a wide range of low-cost options available in transportation, accommodation and other services, BC is clinging to an old model. The idea that it’s in the public’s interest that auto insurance, alcohol distribution, or urban transportation be closely controlled by the government has worn thin. It’s time to allow British Columbians to participate, both as producers and consumers, in sectors of the economy that have been locked up and insulated from healthy competition for too long.

  • Eliminate monopolies for ICBC, BC Hydro, Translink, BC Ferries, WorkSafeBC, BCLC, & BC Liquor

  • Trim regulations in transportation, accommodation and other sectors to allow the sharing economy (Uber, Air BNB, etc.) to flourish

  • End supply management of dairy and chicken so that consumers aren’t overcharged

Protect Freedom of Expression

Being able to speak one’s mind isn’t just essential for a person’s mental well-being, it is also an essential mechanism of any free and prosperous society. Speaking out is how we defend all of our rights, so any attack on freedom of expression is an indirect attack on all civil rights. Even if we find certain types of expression offensive, criminalizing those words doesn’t solve the problem, and shutting down open debate of any issue makes it harder find solutions.

  • Remove legislated barriers to freedom of expression (such as section 7 “Discriminatory Publication” of the BC Human Rights Code)

  • Make university funding conditional on respect for freedom of speech on campus

End Prohibition and Let Police Focus on Real Crimes

BC is experiencing an epidemic with fentanyl and other powerful opioids that is claiming hundreds of lives. It’s also tying up emergency responders, making it harder for everyone to get an ambulance when they need one. All options need to be on the table when dealing with a crisis like this, and decriminalization is a key part of the solution. By confronting this as a health issue instead of a criminal issue, we will discover new ways to reduce harm, encourage treatment of addictions, and save lives. And eliminating victimless crime from the police’s mandate we allow police departments to focus their limited resources on catching real criminals.

  • Exclude the enforcement of victimless crimes from the provincial Police Services Agreement; specifically small-scale possession of cannabis and voluntary prostitution.

Create Choice in Healthcare
A trip to emergency never takes less than several hours. It can take months to see a specialist. Patients on waitlists die or live to see their conditions worsen due to waiting, yet the lines get longer. Why? Is it because we don’t spend enough on healthcare? It’s the single largest item in our provincial budget and continues to grow.

No, the problem is that this sector of economy has been insulated from competition and hasn’t been pushed to innovate and make processes more efficient. If patients had more control over how resources were allocated, there would be much better service and much less waste.

  • Allow health insurance alternatives to MSP so that consumers can choose a plan tailored to their needs

  • Stop healthcare rationing by allowing health care professionals to perform services for any insurer or payer

  • Cut red tape to allow experimentation with more efficient care delivery models, such as primary direct care​

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