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“Libertarians want to privatize everything” Written by Peter McGuigan



In my opinion it seems odd to equate libertarian ideologies to the current us government, when in fact there was a libertarian running in the last election, who was not elected. Is it not progressive to support free speech? or to support peoples rights to use their body and property as they see fit provided their choices don’t hurt others? wouldn’t a fair democracy be representative of all its citizens view points rather than violently enforcing the will of the majority? It seems to me the libertarian party is the most tolerant party there is in Canada. We tolerate everything except violence, in any form, for any means other than self defence.

What is cliché about wanting to lower the amount of your hard earned money that is paid to the government? or to reduce the amount of red tape associated with running a business? or wanting to take back control from political parties who put their global image and self interests before the wellbeing of Canadian citizens?

Libertarianism is a collection of political philosophies that uphold liberty. Libertarians seek to maximize autonomy and freedom of choice, emphasizing political freedom, voluntary association, and the primacy of individual judgment. It is based upon the non-aggression principal, an ethical stance that aggression is inherently illegitimate.

Libertarians do believe that the only role of government should be to protect us from force and fraud. But that is a hypothetical ideal, the society we currently live in is full of social programs that can not just be eliminated. A libertarian government would seek to allow private competition in the already existing government monopolised programs. Giving people choice in those areas. The services themselves are not infringements on freedom and liberty. Using violence or threats of violence should individuals wish to withdraw their financial support from those services is however certainly an infringement on liberty. The Libertarian party would whole heartedly support the rights of individuals to continue to support social programs if they choose while at the same time supporting the rights of individuals who may not wish to do so.

The libertarian party is the only party not willing to use violence or threats thereof to enforce our ideals.

James R Anderson

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